The Beaches

Cilento and its treasures. History, arts, landscapes, food, seaside, and endless horizons. This is the Mediterranean value, that of the exchange between sea and land, of peoples and goods, of cultures and cultivations.

Nowadays, Cilento is a living and vital landscape that simultaneously preserves the traditional features that generated it, in the organization of the territory, the path plot, the cultivation structure, the settlement system, and the traditions.

(cit. Cilento Park – The living landscape, Naples, Electa, 1998)

With its 120 km of fine sand, rocks and wild vegetation coasts, Cilento is a unicum in the Mediterranean sea. 13 Blue Flags, clean waters, caves and small ports for landing make it an ideal destination for conscious and experienced sea tourism.

Pure Mediterranean, rich in history and natural beauty

A few minutes from the hotel, you can enjoy the beauty of the Baia di Trentova in Agropoli – An immaculate bay, where nature and the sea are protected. An intimate beach and a trekking path where you will breathe just nature, sea, sky and boundless horizons.

From Laureana Cilento, in just 20 minutes, you can reach the fine sand and equipped beaches of Castellabate, and an ancient port, with the village of Castellabate behind. History-rich seaside.

Moving further south, you will arrive in Pioppi and Acciaroli, two destinations of luxury and exclusive tourism – Long beaches, fine sand and a spectacular sea. Elegant beaches with top quality services. Unmissable!

And if you want to spend a fascinating day, you can reach the beaches of southern Cilento, Marina di Camerota and Palinuro. – Rocks and caves, infinite promontories. The fascination of history and myths. Amazing!

 (Text by Antonio Prinzo – Translation from Italian by Adriano Donato)