Discovering Cilento

A land of nature and history, a place of good living and the Mediterranean Diet. Time flows slowly here, and life wins joy back.


Montecorice Beach - Case del Conte

Fusilli with Cilento meat sauce

Paestum archeological area

Aglianico of Cilento

Ogliastro Marina coast

Panorama of Laureana Cilento

The Land and its resources

The Cilento agri-food productions have their roots far, very far from today’s patterns that often turn into fleeting marketing operations. And this heritage is shown in productions with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), Slow Food Presidia, and in many typical products, even linked to one village, as it is our tradition not only in Cilento, but in our whole country…

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The Beaches

With its 120 km of fine sand, rocks and wild vegetation coasts, Cilento is a unicum in the Mediterranean sea. 13 Blue Flags, clean waters, caves and small ports for landing make it an ideal destination for conscious and experienced sea tourism…

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The Cilento Diet

In 2010, the Mediterranean Diet was listed as Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, which identifies seven symbolic places: Cilento, Italia; Soria, Spain; Koroni, Greece; Chechaouen, Morocco; Agros, Cyprus; Tavira, Portugal; and Brac & Kvar, Croatia…

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Art & History

Cilento features an articulated set of historical evidence, which made it a border and contamination region. In prehistoric times, the main evidence is given by caves and landings, above all in the coast south of Cilento, and then up to the territorial structure of the protohistory up to the urban organization of Magna Grecia…

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